Landlords & HMOs Certificates

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

All our Inspection and Testing is done in accordance with BS 7671 and Part P, this includes all landlord certificates, house of multiple occupancy (HMO property) certificates.

By law it is the landlords responsibility to make sure that the electrical installation in a rented property is safe for tenants and is maintained throughout the tenancy. 

This is why an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is required by landlords, this also applies to Houses of Multiple Occupancy.

 An EICR report will highlight any issues with the electrical installation that may not be clearly apparent. 

The EICR is often referred to in different terms such as:

Electrical Certificate

Landlord Electrical Certificate

Electrical Safety Certificate

Electrical Safety Report

Electrical Safety Test

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate

Periodic Test Certificate

Periodic Inspection Report

Electrical Wiring Safety Inspection

If you are unsure what certificates you require please give us a call on 07967000077 and we can help advise you on the relevant certificates you may require. 

No matter what your electrical needs we can provide all the required documents to landlords for rental properties, both residential and domestic.

Electrical Installation Condition Report - This is to be performed every five years or if the property occupancy is changing.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

In the average home there can be as many as 30 electrical appliances (including the spare toaster in the cupboard). With some many appliances in the home often these are moved around, dropped or cables pulled on, so it is important that they are maintain to make sure they are functional.

Our PAT testing service comes with a certificate on completion for you to frame and a break down of tests performed.

There are three categories that appliances fall under:

Class 1 Equipment  

Fridges, Freezers, Smoothie Makers, Blenders, Washing Machines Toasters, Toasty Makers, Irons, Microwaves, Electric Heaters, Tumble Dryers and Kettles, 

Class 2 Equipment  

Televisions, Power Tools, Hair Dryers, DVD / Blueray Players and Lamps 

Class 3 Equipment  

Is equipment that uses less than 50vac or 120vdc and classed as Separated Extra-Low Voltage (SELV)  supply and therefore does not require testing, but we will test the power supply.

  • Portable Appliance Testing - It is recommended that electrical appliances such as TVs, kettles and microwaves be tested once a year.

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